RIG Mining Forum

  • August 22, 2012
    3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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Mining: The Challenges and Contradictions | with Damien O’Reilly Capture

Damien O’Reilly, Executive Director: Thiess Mining, Western Region will present his reflection on the sector, including challenging the orthodox wisdom of the Mining industry. Heavily involved in the sector for the past 38 years, Damien has witnessed many great developments. Whilst Damien welcomes the introduction of new remote mining technologies insofar as the improvement they can make the mine safety, they do not represent the ‘step change’ the industry needs in order to significantly reduce the capital and operating costs in the resource sector; these costs need to be reduced if we areto remain competitive and profitable as an industry.

Similarly, on the skilled workers debate, Damien will challenge ideas perpetuated that we cannot get enough skilled labour, highlighting the plight of young Australians who are often denied opportunities in the Minerals industry, 17-19 years old’s being the very age they can be molded and matured into providing a significant future contribution to our industry. Expect this session to raise some eyebrows in line with RIG’s intention to provoke and stimulate honest debate and thought-leadership in the resources sector.

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