Leadership and Culture in the Resources Sector

  • August 21, 2013
    3:15 pm - 5:30 pm
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A Seminar | with Larry Lopez

In today’s world, we are compelled to focus so much effort on staying ahead, many businesses are not paying enough attention to their company’s culture, and the role they play as leaders in evolving a culture that is aligned with the path to success. It is all too easy to dismiss the importance of corporate culture in order to focus on the “more important things”, but this is a dangerous path. Without understanding and creating a culture that can deliver on the leader’s vision, it is possible to put the business at risk of under-performance. Developing the right culture is an investment not a distraction. Certainly, some leaders create and evolve great cultures that reflect their vision spontaneously, but these are the few, the gifted and the lucky. Most of us need to go through the process of understanding, assessing, and evolving out businesses’ culture through a defined process.

Larry will examine the impacts of culture, examples of outstanding cultures and the simple processes managers need to engage in to ensure their business is developing a corporate culture that enables success.

About Larry larrylopez-fdde321e20652ebbd18d1049d708bc1e18ff959d550b4245d60bcd287da25a77

Larry is a Partner at Perth based Australian Venture Consultants, a solution-driven strategic consulting practice focused on creating successful commercial outcomes for innovative projects, companies and institutions. AVC provides clients with a unique service based on the insights it has acquired through hands on experience and engagements in the global innovation ecosystem. Larry has extensive experience working with knowledge-based companies in Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel. Since coming to Perth, he has been focused on the intersection of technology and the resources industry.

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