Resources Innovation Group (RIG) is concerned with inventive solutions in the resources sector. Our members canvas ideas and input from resource sector peers. Its intention is to provoke and stimulate feedback and thought leadership on innovation for people involved in mining, oil & gas and heavy industrial industries, and for those with an active interest in innovation and intellectual property.

RIG’s workshops and seminars provide a platform for attendees to discuss and debate issues affecting the resources sector, and upcoming challenges and threats to the industry. It is intended to be a “system of innovation” – an effective network of like-minded individuals and organisations. Participants are encouraged to share knowledge, offer insights on developing best practice to improve planning, delivery and management of innovation in the resources sector.


  • November 9, 2017
    5:15 pm - 8:00 pm

The Resources Innovation Group (RIG) are pleased to be hosting Managing Director of Hazer Group, Mr Geoff Pocock, who will share his story about Hazer’s commercialisation journey to date. Hazer was founded in 2009 to commercialise technology initially developed by the University of Western Australia, with the Company listing on the ASX in December 2015. Their primary technology relates to a

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  • July 25, 2017
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The implementation of the Federal Government’s National Science and Innovation Agenda saw the creation of six Growth Centres, including both METS Ignited and National Energy Resources Australia (NERA). New opportunities exist for both funding and collaboration in the broader resources area. Progressing the development and adoption of new innovations can be difficult in this challenging space, and access to such

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Innovating Our Way Backwards

Are Advances in Autonomous Mining Technology to Blame for Australia’s Failure to Capture the Benefit of the Mining ...

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Strategic Thinking Needed In Patent Enforcement

Author: Peter Caporn The recent case of CQMS Pty Ltd v Bradken Resources Pty Limited [2016] FCA 847  has highlighted ...

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Orica’s Blasting Method Patentable Despite Dyno Nobel’s Determined Opposition

Author: Peter Caporn A recent decision of the Commissioner of Patents has held that a blasting method used in open cut ...

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The Intellectual Property of Remote Operation of Mine Sites – Implications for Miners?

Author: Peter Caporn We’ve all heard about it.  In fact, if there’s a talk being given or an article being written ...

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